The Cadillac Model B was the second model made by the U.S. car manufacturer Cadillac.

The car was introduced in early 1904 and to built up to 1905. The car was a structurally modified Model A . Instead of the rounded front end plate, a box-like structure and the bent frame of the predecessor was replaced by a pressed-steel-box frame.

The Model B (as its predecessor) was driven by single-cylinder engine which was housed under the left front seat. It transferred power through a two-speed transmission to the rear wheels.

The Model B was available in four different varieties: as a two-seater runabout, as a four-seater (with additional attachment at the rear), as a deluxe two-seater and as a four-seat tourer..

In 1905, the specified performance of the single-cylinder rose from 8.25 to 9 hp. The track of the car was widened (154.9cm instead of 138.3 cm).

In 1904 Cadillac produced a total of 2319 vehicles and in the following year they produced 4029 vehicles of all series.

Derivations of Model B

Between the years 1905 to 1908 Cadillac based some other models on the Model B with its single-cylinder engine. The models in detail:

  • Model C (Spring / Summer 1905): a model B with the larger "bonnet" and the condenser from the Cadillac Model F.
  • Model E (1905): two-seat open runabout with greater bonnet and air vents located on the side.
  • Model F (1905): as Model E, but wheelbase lengthened by 5 cm, available as a deluxe two-seater or four-seater touring car with non-removable tonneau and side doors
  • Model K (1906/07): slightly modified chassis, new bodywork ("Victoria"), available as a two-seater runabout Victoria.
  • Model M (1906-1908): as Model K, wheelbase lengthened by 5 cm, offered as a four-seat Victoria touring car or two-seat delivery model (1907 as a closed two-seat Victoria Coupe, 1908 just as the delivery).
  • Model S (1908): wheelbase lengthened to 208.3 cm.
  • Model T (1908): as Model S, cames as a four-seater touring car or a closed coupe (Victoria).

Prices for Model C to T: $750 to $1350.

The single-cylinder production ended in 1908, in 1909, the brand turned to the Model Thirty to the luxury car market.