The Cadillac Model L is a car built by Cadillac starting in 1906.

The L had two models based on it, the Model G and H.

Model L (1906)

After 1905, Cadillac launchedthe Model L. It had a four-cylinder engine.

The Model L was technically a slightly modified version of the Model D with it being on a longer wheelbase (279.4 cm) and with a four-cylinder in-line engine. The Model L was available as an open touring car as well as a closed seven-seat sedan with four seats in the rear and having a roof. The car also had doors and windowless front seats. The Model L was only in production for one year and it is not known how many were made.

Model H (1906-1908)

The Model H was based on the Model L. It had a shorter wheelbase being 2600mm. This version was available as a two-seat open runabout, four-seat open touring car and as a closed coupe with two seats. The engine came from the Model D. It was priced at about $1000 under the Model L. In 1907 a closed limousine version in the Model H was released and in 1908 a coupe was released.

Model G (1907-1908)

The Model G was introduced in 1907 which had a completely new 20hp four-cylinder engine. The car was offered as a five-seat touring car and an open runabout with seating for two. A rumble seat was optional in the rear. In 1908 the engine was upgraded to produce 25hp. The Model G was now available as a sedan.

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