Cadillac Orleans

Cadillac Orleans -

The Cadillac Orleans was a concept car designed by Cadillac for the 1953 Auto Show circuit.

It was the first four-door hardtop concept. The hardtop design eliminated the traditional B-pillar found on most cars of the era. Powered by a Cadillac V8 engine with an output of 210 hp (157 kW), the Orleans was never put into production. The design innovations on this car would not be put into a production car until the 1956 Sedan de Ville.

The car also featured "suicide doors", a wrap around windshield, full air conditioning, and several safety improvement attempts, such as a feature which resulted in the doors only being able to be opened if the car was in neutral. Another unique luxury feature was the addition of an AC/DC converter and a normal household outlet to allow electronic devices to be plugged into the car. A compartment in the backrest held a men's electric razor, a vanity case, and a mirror.

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