The Cadillac Series 314 was built by the American automotive firm Cadillac from August 1925 to the summer of 1927.

Model history

Cadillac introduced the Series 314 in August 1925, as a successor of the precedent Type V-63.

Technically, the 314 was an improved version of its predecessor. Changes included new springs at the vehicle's rear, the introduction of radiator steering system (from spring 1926), the removal of rocker drives, and the replacement of a chain drive with a belt drive. The bodies were also revised. They were rather long, and featured curved front fenders, front-hinged front doors, a revised grille, and a one-piece windshield.

The standard series (with a 3353 mm wheelbase) was not offered in any open models, but only six different closed two- and four-door models. The custom series (with a 3683 mm or 3353 mm wheelbase), on the other hand, was available in a dozen of different variants, some of which were open models. Also, for the first time since 1919, special bodies could be ordered with a larger wheelbase of 381 mm.

During the 1927 model year, the standard series was now available as a two-seater sports coupe and four-door sports sedan. In addition to the factory-bodied customs, some examples of such cars were built using bodies supplied by renowned coachbuilders, such as Fleetwood Metal Body, Brunn, and Willoughby.

The Series 314 was replaced by the Series 341 in September 1927, by which time a total of 50,619 examples were produced.

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