The Cadillac Series 341 was a car built by the U.S. car manufacturer from September 1927 until the summer of 1929.

Model history

In September 1927, Cadillac introduced the successor to the Series 314. This was called the Series 341 and again, it came with a V8 engine.

Technically the Series 341 was largely rebuilt. The wheelbase of all regular models was at 140 inches(355.6 cm) with the track being widened by 5cm.

The suspension consisted of rear leaf-spring assemblies. The front of the car was fitted with increased diameter drum brakes. Adjustable front seats and bumpers came as standard. The engine displacement was increased to 5589cc.

In addition, on a wheelbase of 3861cc the option of an ambulance or a hearse was available. On offer were 15 affordable bodies all ranging in prices from $3350 to $3950. Fisher Bodies supplied open and closed bodies from a now acquired bodyshop by General Motors. 60 different bodies made by Fleetwood were available (who were also in GM's possession). Prices of Fleetwood designs started at $4095.

The changes to the car during the 1929 model year were mainly cosmetic, but some features such as mechanically actuated brakes and a synchronized three-speed transmission were introduced.

In September 1929, the Series 341 was replaced by the Series 353.

A total of 38,104 cars had been produced..

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