The Cadillac Series 353 is a car that was built from September 1929 until the summer of 1930. It had a V8 engine.

Model history

In September 1929, Cadillac introduced the successor to the Series 341, the Series 353 which again had a V8 engine.

Technically, the Series 353 is based on the Series 341. The front track was widened by 7.6 cm, the diameter of the headlamps and radiator were also widened slightly. The V8 was drilled slightly, to increase capacity to 5.8 litres.

There was a very large range of bodies including 7 available from Fisher and 11 from Fleetwood. Customers could still order bodies from other coachbuilders.

In addition, there was a longer wheelbase of 3861mm which was used for ambulances and a hearses.

In October 1930 the Series 353 was replaced by the Cadillac Series 355.

A total of 14,995 cars were produced.