The Cadillac Series 370 was built from October 1930 until the end of 1934 by U.S. car manufacturer Cadillac. It was fitted with a V12 engine.

Model history

Cadillac launched it in October 1930 as a new middle model between the Series 355 and the Cadillac V-16 Series. The model name corresponds (roughly) to the engine displacement measured in cubic inches.

In the first model year 1931 (Series 370-A) on two different wheelbases were (140/143 inches, or 355.6 / 363.2 cm) 6 different versions of the bodies to General Motors owned coachbuilder Fisher and about 25 variants with Fleetwood - body offered. Special structures for a chassis with a wheelbase of 386.1 cm was available. Priced around $ 1100, the 370 was higher than the V8 models, and more than 3000 dollars or more under the exclusive V-16

The 45 ° V12 (bore x stroke: 79.4 x 101.6 mm) was a shortened version of the 1928 introduced four cylinders V-16 with a slightly higher hole and made 135 hp.

1932 (Series 370-B) were from the twelve-cylinder 4 versions available (Roadster, Convertible, Coupe, Sedan standard) with Fisher bodies on the short wheelbase of the eight-cylinder Series 355 (340.4 cm), also 9 Fisher versions and 22 Fleetwood models on the known wheelbase of 355.6 cm, the wheelbase of 363.2 cm accounted for. The long version of the chassis for special bodies remained in the program.

The vintage 1933 (Series 370-C) was different from the previous models only in minimal detail, but the model was reduced capacity (3 versions shortly with Fisher Body, 7 Series and 18 special bodies on a long wheelbase of Fleetwood and the long chassis).

With the introduction of the new Series 20/10/30 models with V8 model year 1935, which in a short but very long wheelbase gave (370.8 cm), built all V12 models the vintage (Series 370-D) on the new chassis with the long wheelbase of 370.8 cm. Were offered in this series now exclusively Fleetwood bodies (identical with the bodies, the Fleetwood provided for the V8 and the V-16-series), to select 52 different bodies were in new shape with bulbous, the car body deposed front fenders and after rear sloping grille and tilted, in most cases, a V-shaped tapered windshield.

In 1936 the series was 370 in Series 40 renamed. From 370 in 4 years were a total of about 9000 pieces.

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