The Cadillac Series 40 was a car built from January to September 1935. It was a model made by the U.S. car manufacturer Cadillac with a V12 engine. The Series 40 replaced the Cadillac Series 370 .

Model history

In January 1935, Cadillac introduced the Series 40 as the successor to the Series 370, (internally called Series 370-D).

The changes compared to the direct precursors and were limited to new bumpers as well as the name change. The Series 40 Cadillac was fitted with a 6 litre V12 engine, a four cylinder shortened and bored version of the 1928 V16. The V12 introduced 135 horsepower.

The model range included 54 different variants, all on a wheelbase of 3708mm, Fleetwood provided bodywork. Prices for te range started with the five-seater standard sedan for $ 3,995 to the Town Cabriolet for $ 6,395. The twelve-cylinder models cost more than $1000 than the V8 models and $3000 less than the V16 models

From 1936, the Series 40 was continued under the name Series 80. The exact number of Series 40 vehicles that were made is not known.