The Cadillac Series 452 was the first model made by the US Car manufacturer Cadillac which had a V16 engine. It was manufactured from January 1930 to September 1935.

Model history

During the middle of the model year 1930, Cadillac introduced the new V16-cylinder car based on the previously already built 8-cylinder Series 353.

The new engine with 45 ° cylinder angle had a displacement of 7407cc (452 and produced ​​175-185 hp (129-136 kW) at 3,400rpm . Due to its higher weight, it had five engine mounts.

The car was available in more than 50 different body styles which were made by Fisher, Fleetwood and other coachbuilders.

In October 1935, the 452 was the replaced with the Cadillac Series 90. Until then, five generations (452, 452 A-D) had been made and a total of about 3,700 cars had been produced.

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