The Cadillac Series 72 was a car built in 1940 by the U.S. carmaker Cadillac.

Model history

The 1940 model year consisted of the following Cadillac cars in the available lineup, the Sixty Special, the Series 62, the Series 72 and Series 75 (all with a V8 engine and bodywork of Fisher Bodies or Fleetwood ). The Series 90 (with a V16 engine and Fleetwood body) also joined them.

The Series 72 was new to the lineup and rode on a wheelbase of 350.5cm. It was available in eight different body styles. This included five to nine-seater limousines such as the Touring Sedan, Imperial Sedan, Sedan, Formal Business Touring Sedan and Touring Business Imperial Sedan. All the bodies in this series came from Fleetwood.

These models were fitted with a V8 engine which had a capacity of 5.7 litres. The engines had vertical valves and produced 140bhp.

For the model 1941 year the 72 Series was replaced by the Cadillac Series 67.

A total of 1525 Cadillac Series 72s were made.