The Cadillac Series 80 and Series 85 were two cars made between 1936 (Series 80) and 1936 to 1937 (Series 85).

Model history

In model year 1936, Cadillac divided its model program into the following types Series 60 (V8, coachwork by Fisher Bodies ), Series 70 and 75 (V8, coachwork by Fleetwood ), Series 80 and 85 (V12 Fleetwood bodies) as well as the Series 90 (V16 with Fleetwood bodies).

The Series 80 and 85 were almost identical to the Series 70 and 75 except they are fitted with V12 engines instead of V8s. The V12 was a four-cylinder shortened and slightly bored version of the Cadillac V16. All the bodies were of Fleetwood and had a chassis with a wheelbase of 3327mm (Series 80) or 3505mm (Series 85)

The 80 was available as a two-seater coupe, convertible, sedan and a four-door convertible, the longer 85 was available exclusively as a five to nine-seater limousine in 10 different versions.

In two years, a total of 1379 ccars had been made.