The Cadillac Series 90 was the second model made by Cadillac to feature a V16 engine, replacing the Series 452. It was produced from October 1935 to August 1940.

At the beginning of the model year 1936, Cadillac introduced the new V16 engine. The name of Series 90 was new, but the car was basically the same as the previous model. The engine had a 45 ° cylinder angle, a displacement of 7407cc (452 and an output of 185bhp (136 kW) at 3,800rpm.

The car was with 12 different bodies that were made to order by Fleetwood.

A fundamental revision was made at the beginning of the model year 1938. The cars were made much smaller (wheelbase was shortened to 3581mm instead of 3912mm) and thus corresponded to the 75 series. The V16 engine was modified with a shorter stroke. The engine had a displacement of 7,063cc and produced 185bhp at 3.600rpm.

In the summer of 1940, the Series 90 was discontinued without a replacement. Until then, five generations passed with a total of 616 cars being made.

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