Cadillac XP-48

Cadillac XP-48 -

The Cadillac XP-48 was a concept car built in 1956.

The car was also known as the Cadillac Eldorado Broughham Motorama show car and was a dream car crafted entirely in fibreglass. The roof of the passenger compartment was covered with polished black landau leather and the rear compartment trimmed in black and beige with gold-colored hardware. The so-called comfort and convenience items included a radio-telephone for communicating with the driver, air-conditioning, a vanity compartment, cigar humidor, thermos bottle and accompanying glasses. 

Because of the storage compartments built into the partition, a horizontal sliding glass divider was used. It was built with no engine and exhibited during the 1956 Motorama circuit. This one survived and was recovered by Joe Bortz, Chicago.

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