Castle Point Transport Museum
Photo showing the external view of the museum
Location Canvey Island, Castle Point, Essex
Established 1979
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Adult Free
Senior Free
Teen Free
Child Free

The Castle Point Transport Museum opened in 1979. The building it is situated in was built as a bus station in 1934 and was used by Eastern National until 1978.

The museum is situated at Canvey Point and boasts a large collection of vehicles, photographs, media archives and related autobilia.

It has a large central room where all of the buses are held. There are also a number of other rooms that include:

  • Large room upstairs with a large model railway.
  • Small room upstairs with collection of vintage bus memorabilia.
  • Small room downstairs as part of the shop full of vintage bus memorabilia.
  • Hall downstairs with memorabilia related to the local area.
  • Shop down stairs.

The museum is run entirely by volunteers.


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