1936 British Salmson Radiator badge

British Salmson - Radiator badge, by Clive Barker (aka. Austin7nut on

British Salmson was a British based manufacturer of cars, from 1934 to 1939. An offshoot of the French Salmson company, it was taken over by local management. After producing war supplies during World War II, it ceased car production, moved to Glasgow, Scotland, and produced printing machinery.


In 1929, the French Salmson company started a British branch company, Moteurs Salmson in Raynes Park, London, as a radial aero engine maker for the British Empire market. Taken over by British sports car racer Howard Martineau and investors in 1930, they renamed it British Salmson Aero Engines Ltd and continued production under license.

As aero engine sales proved slow, the company extended the license deal to include local production of cars from 1934.

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