Goliath was a German car brand started in 1928 and which was part of the Borgward group. Goliath was based in Bremen and specialized in three-wheeler cars and trucks and medium-sized cars.

Early history

The company Goliath-Werke Borgward & Co. was created by Carl F. W. Borgward and Wilhelm Tecklenburg in 1928. The first models were three-wheeler trucks derived from the Blitzkarren previously built by Borgward. The first passenger car was the Goliath Pionier in 1931, which still had three wheels and a one-cylinder engine. Until 1934, 4,000 of these small cars where produced in various types of body. The Pionier was considered as a forerunner of the Hansa models 400 and 500.

The end

From 1958, the Goliath 1100 models were sold under the brand Hansa; the Borgward group wanted to forget the two-stroke engine and three-wheeler image.

Three years later, in 1961, the Borgward group collapsed.

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