Leyland Bus was a British bus manufacturer. It emerged from the Rover Group (formerly British Leyland) as a management buyout of the bus business. It was subsequently acquired by Volvo Buses in 1988 and the name finally disappeared in 1993.


  • 1896 Formed as the Lancashire Steam Motor Company.
  • 1907 Name changed to Leyland Motors.
  • 1968 Merger with British Motor Holdings to form British Leyland Motor Corporation (BLMC).
  • 1975 BLMC was nationalised and became British Leyland (BL).
  • 1986 BL changed its name to Rover Group.
  • 1987 The bus business of Rover Group became independent as Leyland Bus following a management buyout.
  • 1988 The business was acquired by Volvo Buses.
  • 1993 Volvo discontinues Leyland ending all production of the buses and the Workington factory, where they were built.


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