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Turner Sports Cars Ltd was a 1950s British sports car manufacturer, that closed in 1966.


The first Turner models were produced between 1951 and 1966 by Turner Sports Cars Ltd, a company established by Jack Turner near Wolverhampton, England. As well as complete cars, Turners were available in kit form. In 1966, the company closed, after the founder had a heart attack. The company's demise may also have been due to the development cost of a completely new coupé model with a rear mounted Hillman Imp engine, the prototype of which was incomplete.

From the late 1940s, Jack Turner built a series of one-off specials, and prepared racing cars, including building his own engines. The first cars for sale were based on one of the specials, and consisted of a chassis, independent suspension units using transverse leaf springs, and Turner's own alloy wheels. It was up to the customer to arrange engine, transmission and body. Eight are thought to have been made.

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