Champion Ch-1 is a car model from the Champion car brand produced by Hermann Holbein. It was released in April 1949 as the successor of the ZF Champion. The Ch-1's successor was the Champion Ch-2.


The open bodyshell had no doors doors, but had room for two people.

Weights and Measures

With a wheelbase of on 160 cm and a track width of 115 cm, the vehicle was 242 cm long, height of 99 cm and 138 cm wide. With a curb weight of 190 kg, the maximum permissible weight was 250 kg.


The air-cooled single cylinder two stroke engine of Triumph had a displacement of 198 cm³ and produced ​​3.7 kW. It was mounted in the rear of the vehicle and was mated to a two-speed gearbox. The top speed was 50 km/h and the fuel consumption was reported to be 3 litres per 100 km.

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