Chaparral 2F-Chevrolet Chassis 2F002 - 2005 Monterey Historic Automobile Races WM

Chaparral 2F Chevrolet Chassis 2F002 at the 2005 Monterey Historic Automobile Races by Wouter Melissen -

In the Chaparral 2F Hall applied the aerodynamic advances of the aluminum 2E to the older fiberglass chassis closed-cockpit 2D for the 1967 racing season.

A movable wing mounted on struts loaded the rear suspension while an air dam kept the front end planted. The radiators were moved to positions next to the cockpit. An aluminum 7 liter rated V8 motor replaced the 5.3 liter engine of the 2D.

While always extremely fast, the extra power of the larger engine was too much for the automatic transmission to handle and it broke with regularity.

After solving the transmission problems, the 2F scored its only win on 30 July 1967 in the BOAC 500 at Brands Hatch with Phil Hill and Mike Spence driving.

After this race, the FIA changed its rules, outlawing not only the 2F as well as the Ford GT40 Mk.IV (winner at Le Mans that year) and the Ferrari 330 P3/4 and 365 P4 (winner at Daytona, 2nd at Le Mans).

As with the 2D, the 2F raced wearing Texas license plates.

Shown here is the only surviving 2F, which is still owned by Jim Hall.

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