White Corvette C4 2

Corvette C4

The Chevrolet (Chevy) Corvette C4 was a sports car produced by the Chevrolet division of General Motors from 1984-1996. It is the Fourth Generation model of the Chevy Corvette.


The C4 is known for its evolved, sleek, modern look. The forebears are made out fiber glass and besides this, the C4's bumpers and panels were made from molding plastics. Also the C4 was the first general Corvette to have a glass hatchback for better storage access. It also had new brakes with aluminum calipers. The C4 came regular with an electronic dashboard that had a digital liquid crystal display dash, with good graphics for speed, RPM, and other important engine functions.

Engine and Transmission

From 1984 -1988, the C4 was only available with a Doug Nash 4+3 transmission. However, as technology progressed, the C4 became available with a modern ZF 6-speed manual transmission.

With the ZF-6 speed manual, this hampered the C4s performance to a L98, 250 hp, 186 kW engine. Later over the years, the C4s engine was replaced by a 2nd generation Chevy small block, LT1. This amazingly improved the C4s performance. By 1996, the C4 engines produced 330 hp (246kW) LT4 which was produced by the small block engine. By this time all cars with manual transmissions had small block engines.


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