The Chevrolet Series AE Independence was a car buil only during the 1931 model year. It was the successor of the Universal Series AD.

The vehicle was introduced in November 1930 and was available with twelve different bodies. Some of these included a two-door, three-door four-door tourers. The wheelbase was 2769 mm. The car had the six-cylinder inline engine (OHV) of its predecessor. The engine which had a displacement of 3179cc developed 50 bhp (37 kW) at 2600rpm. The engine power was transmitted via a single dry clutch and a manual three-speed gearbox to the rear wheels. All four wheels had been mechanical drum brakes and wire wheels fitted as standard.

The selling prices were reduced compared with those of its predecessor. They were between $475 and $650.

In spite of the longer model run time of 13 months (when there were only 11 for the Universal) only 623,901 were built. In December 1931, the Confederate Series BA succeeded the Independence.