74chevrolet corvette mulsanne

Chevrolet Corvette Mulsanne -

The Chevrolet Mulsanne was a concept car from 1974.

The Mulsanne actually had three previous lives. Born as a stock 350 ’68 Corvette, the car was originally the ’69 "Aero Coupe" show car used to preview the ’70-1/2 styling changes. It had a ZL-1 all-aluminum engine and a prototype four-speed automatic geearbox.

The Scirocco was then restyles and repainted in 1974. The Mulsanne had a large crowd around it at the ’75 New York Automobile Show.

Painted bright metallic silver, the Corvette Mulsanne wore ’75-style front and rear bumper covers. The pop-up headlights were replaced with four rectangular lamps under body-fitting clear plastic covers. The new hood had a raised center section with recessed, functional scoops on both sides. The curved A-pillar, high-mounted racing mirrors and electric rear window were all carry-overs from the Scirocco exercise. Since the Mulsanne was made to be a pace car, Mitchell kept the removable one piece roof panel, but added a periscope rearview mirror system. The interior was completely trimmed in leather with fixed seats and adjustable pedals and steering wheel.

The car was fitted with a  454 cu in engine with an experimental Rochester fuel injection system.

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