The Chevrolet National Series AB was a car that was only made for the 1928 model year only and was the successor to Series AA Capitol.

The vehicle was introduced in January 1928 and had eight different bodies as a 2-seater roadster, 2-seater coupe, 2 - or 4-seater sports convertible (coupe with hardtop), 2-seater fully convertible and a 5-seater sedan.

With four doors, there was the 5-passenger touring car, the 5-seater sedan and Landaulet with five seats. The wheelbase was up 4 "has grown to 2718 mm.

The car had, as had it's predecessor, a top-driven four-cylinder inline engine (OHV). The engine with 2802cc displacement developed 35 bhp. The engine power is transmitted via a single dry clutch and a manual three-speed gearbox to the rear wheels. For the first time at Chevrolet, brakes had been fitted to all four wheel. New to this year were windshield wipers which were operated by vacuum from the engine.

The selling prices were $495 and $715 (depending on the model) and consistently around $30 lower than the Capitol. After only eleven months, 1,193,212 vehicles had been made and it was succeeded by the International Series AC.

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