1964 Pininfarina Chevrolet Corvette Rondine Coupe (II) 02

Chevrolet Rondine -

The Chevrolet Rondine was a concept car styled by Pininfarina and unveiled in 1963.

The Corvette Rondine show car was built by Pininfarina on a production 1963 Sting Ray chassis. Two rooflines were tried: an inward slanting rear window with the roof cut off at the B-pillar and a sloping rear window.

The car was designed by Tom Tjaarda, the Michigan native who had worked for Italian Carrozzerie since 1959. At a time when many manufacturers switched to a unitary chassis construction, the fibreglass bodied Corvette was a popular subject for Europe’s coachbuilders. Pininfarina was one of them and at the 1963 Paris Motorshow they launched the featured Rondine Coupe. The Rondine sports a very elegant shape of which various cues were later found on the Fiat 124 Spyder.

The car is still owned by Pininfarina.