The Chevrolet Series D was a luxury car and the only model built by Chevrolet in 1918. It was well established as a top model.

The vehicle was introduced in late 1917. Two body styles were available, there was a five-seat touring car (model D-5) with four doors and a four-seat roadster (model D-4). Both models had two doors. All vehicles were painted green and had exposed wooden Mahogany parts. The cars had V8 engines (OHV) with a 90° cylinder angle.

The 4719cc engine had an output of 61bhp (45 kW). The engine power was transferred through a cone clutch and a manual three-speed gearbox to the rear wheels. The rear wheels were fitted with external band brakes.

The sale price for both models was $1550.

Already in 1918, set the model to 4833 copies with no successor.