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The Chevrolet Series F was a middle-class passenger car built by the American automotive firm Chevrolet that made its debut in 1917 as the successor of the precedent Series H. It was later sold under the designations Series FA in 1918 and Series FB from 1919 to 1922.


Series F (1917)[]

The Series F was offered in 1917. It was equipped with a 2802cc four-cylinder overhead-valve engine that delivered an output of 24 bhp (17.6 kW). Engine power was transferred from a cone clutch to a manual three-speed gearbox, and from there via a propeller shaft to the rear wheels. The rear wheels were fitted with external band brakes.

The Series F was available in two bodies: a two-seater roadster with two doors (Model F-2 "Royal Mail") and a five-seater tourer with four doors (Model F-5 "Baby Grand"). Both models were offered for US$800 ($14,319 in 2012 dollars). During the single year of production, 3,493 examples were built.

Series FA (1918)[]

The Series FA replaced the Series F during the 1918 model year. It was slightly altered with regard to appearance and technology. Open models had a 15-degree incline to the rear windshield, and all models were fitted with a larger 3671cc four-cylinder engine capable of generating 37 bhp (27 kW) at 2000 rpm.

In addition to the roadster (Model FA-2) and the tourer (Model FA-5), a four-seater all-weather saloon with an enclosed body and two doors (Model FA-4) was offered. The open variants could be purchased for US$935 ($14,186 in 2012 dollars), while the saloon was sold for a price of US$1475 ($22,379 in 2012 dollars). 11,403 examples were produced.

Series FB (1919-1922)[]

The Series FA was renamed to the Series FB during the 1919 model year. Initially, 1514 examples of two-door Series FA saloons continued to be built under the designation FB-40. The other vehicles in Series FB had chassis with a 2794 mm wheelbase. The Series FB was offered as a two-seater roadster with two doors (Model FB-20), a three-seater coupe with two doors (Model FB-30), a four-seater saloon with four doors (Model FB-40), and a five-seater tourer with four doors (Model FB-50). The motor, transmission, and brakes remained the same. Sales prices ranged between US$1100 and US$1685.

Styling of the Series FB was revised in 1920, and such models were built until 1922. During the last year of production, the price range was between US$865 and US$1395.

In total, 74,410 examples of the Chevrolet Series FB were built.