The Chevrolet Series H was an entry model car made between the years 1914 and 1916.

The vehicle was introduced in late year 1913 and was available as a five-seater touring car (model H-4) and a two-seater roadster (model H-2). The touring car came with a grey, black and plum-coloured frame and grey wheels. The car had a four-cylinder engine with overhead valves. The 2802cc unit has a power output of 24bhp (17.6 kW). The engine power was transmitted through a cone clutch and a three-speed manual gearbox to the rear wheels. The rear wheels were fitted with external band brakes. The selling prices were $750 for the Roadster and $875 for the Tourer.

In 1915, the wheelbase was extended by 2 " to 2692 mm. The previous models H-2 and H-4, were built with the extended chassis. The Tourer H-4 was the only one that had it's price decreased to $85. A third model was added to the lineup, a 2-seater sports roadster called the model H-3 . This deluxe version was for sale at $985.

In 1916 the H-3 disappeared and instead it was replaced by the Model H-2 ½ which was priced at $750. The other two models were still available.

The following year the Series H was replaced by the Series F.

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