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1941 Special Deluxe

The Chevrolet Special Deluxe was a middle-class passenger car built by the American automotive firm Chevrolet from 1940 to 1942, offered as a luxury variant of the concurrent Master Deluxe.

From year to year[]

Special Deluxe Series KA (1940)[]

The better-equipped Special Deluxe Series KA was introduced in 1940, and eventually supplanted the Master Deluxe as that year's top Chevrolet model. It could be distinguished from the concurrent Master Deluxe by the additional stainless steel trim on the hood and body. Like the Master 85 KB Series, the Special Deluxe Series KA featured a grille consisting of narrow horizontal chrome bars that arched forward in the center. The vehicle's headlamps sunk into the front fenders, which were crowned with additional position lamps. The hood was designed as a rear-hinged "Alligator" hood. The car was fitted with a 3.5-litre six-cylinder engine capable of generating 85 bhp (62.5 kW) of output.

The Special Deluxe Series KA was offered in six different body styles: two different coupes, a two-door convertible, a two- and four-door saloon, and a five-door station wagon.

With 431,199 examples of the Series KA being manufactured, it was the most frequently ordered Chevrolet model in 1940.

Special Deluxe Series AH and BH (1941-1942)[]

The Special Deluxe Series AH made its debut in 1941. The wheelbase of the Special Deluxe was increased from 2870 mm to 2946 mm, and the headlamps were now completely integrated into the front fenders. The running boards were removed and replaced with chrome decoration. Its grille consisted of forwardly-curved horizontal chrome rods over almost the entire width of the vehicle. The body range of the Series AH corresponded with the series of the previous year (1 convertible, 2 coupes, 2 saloons, 1 combined). The 3.5-litre engine now delivered 90 bhp (66 kW) at 3300 rpm.

In 1942, some slight alterations were made regarding the Special Deluxe's styling and technology, and one of the only changes was that the chrome bars constituting the grille were slightly heavier. This series title was BH.

Fleetline (1941-1942)[]

During spring 1941, a four-door saloon with the additional designation Fleetline was presented. One of the only differences between the Fleetline and the standard four-door Special Deluxe saloon was the lack of side air intakes on the hood, and in its place were three horizontal trim strips behind the front and rear wheel arches.

In 1942, the saloon received an additional Sportsmaster title, and the corresponding two-door hatchback saloon was given an extra Aerosedan title.

Fleetmaster (1942)[]

The "standard" 1942 Special Deluxe models received the additional title Fleetmaster.

During two years of production, 775,502 examples of the Special Deluxe Series AH and BH were built, 110,547 of which bore the additional Fleetline title. After World War II ended, the Special Deluxe was replaced by the Chevrolet Fleetline.