1969 Chevrolet Corvette XP-882 Concept 02

Chevrolet XP-882 -

The Chevrolet XP-882 was a concept car from 1969.

After GM passed on the Astro II, Zora Arkus-Duntov quickly turned to what would be the genesis of the Aerovette -- the Chevrolet project XP-882 concept car. It definitely looked like a Corvette, with overtones of the 1968-vintage  Mako Sharkdue to its low vee nose and four-lamp tail treatment.

Duntov's previous mid-engine proposals carried Chevroley V8s in a longitudinal position. This meant that they required a costly, purpose-designed transaxle, that not evenChevrolet could justify for a low-volume sports car. In this car, Duntov tackled the problem by turning the engine 90 degrees and putting a stock GM Turbo Hydra-matic gearbox on it.

The transmission for this concept car was driven by chain from the crankshaft and connected to a stock Corvette differential via a short driveshaft turning a right-angle at the front. Because the driveshaft had to pass through the sump, it was encased in a tube. If not an elegant solution, it was at least affordable.

Duntov's engineers built two XP-882s during 1969.

Yet almost on the day they were finished, John Z. DeLorean became Chevrolet General Manager and cancelled the program as it was impractical and costly. His decision stood only a year.

When Ford announced plans to sell the Italian-built mid-engine De Tomaso Pantera through Lincoln-Mercury dealers, DeLorean ordered one XP-882 cleaned up for display at the 1970 New York Auto Show.