1973 Chevrolet XP-897GT 2-Rotor 06

Chevrolet XP-897GT -

The Chevrolet XP-897GT was a concept car from 1973.

GM was working feverishly on its own rendition of the rotary-piston engine devised by Dr. Felix Wankel who worked for Germany's NSU.

Along with a Wankel-powered version of Chevy's small Vega, which would never materialise, Cole ordered up a sports car designed around the developing two-rotor GMRCE (General Motors Rotary Combustion Engine) then being eyed for production.

Coded XP-897GT, this handsome little coupe had GM styling but was built by the famed Pininfarina works in Italy. When displayed during 1973 with the prosaic title "Two-Rotor Car. It was again hailed the advent of the mid-engine Corvette. Like the original XP-882, it was widely believed to be a precursor of the next-generation Corvette.

The previous year, DeLorean had authorized further work on the XP-882 chassis, as well as a new body from the corporate Design Staff under William L. Mitchell. Sufficiently changed to warrant a new project code, XP-895, this ended up looking a bit like the Two-Rotor from the sides but carried a deeply inset "sugar scoop" rear window instead of flush glass.

By early 1972, a chance discussion with officials at Reynolds Metals Company prompted construction of a near-identical body in aluminum alloy, and in which form the XP-895 became the "Reynolds Aluminum Car." It, too, garnered lots of ink as the presumed next Corvette. It had a big-block 454 V8 which promised super performance against a curb weight of around 3,000 pounds.

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