Chevron B7 was the first single-seater racing car built by Chevron Cars. It was built in 1967.

Chevron developed it's first Formula 2 race cars in 1967. The B7 enabled the company to break in the newly created Formula 2 Championship. The car had a conservative trellis frame and a 4-cylinder Climax engine for propulsion.

The car was only built in the late summer of 1967, as the European Championship was in full swing. Without much time to test the car, Peter Gethin was chosen to be the factory driver. With two races, the company founder and owner Derek Bennett drove the small racing car.

Although the car was unsuccessful, it was an important milestone in the history of Chevron. It marks the entry into the international motor sports and was the basis for the B9, the first successful racing car of the British racing team.