The Chrysler Series 50 was a car of the lower middle class . Manufacturing took place in Detroit in the year of 1927.

It replaced the F-58. The car had a side-valve four-cylinder engine like its predecessor, but with 2,790cc displacement, it produced 38bhp (28 kW). It had a single dry clutch and a three-speed transmission with floor shift and power was sent to the rear wheels. Only the rear wheels were fitted with mechanical brakes. An optional extra was hydraulic brakes on all four wheels.

There were seven different body styles that were available, they looked similar to those of the previous model (only the chassis was shortened by 3 "(76 mm)).

1928 was the year that Chrysler Series 52 was manufacturered. Nno major changes had been made. The engine output increased to 45bhp (33 kW).

A total of 82,412 Series 50 cars were made.

A total of 76,857 the Series 52 were built.