1929 Chrysler Series 65 Rumbleseat Roadster. RK

1929 Chrysler Series 65 Rumbleseat Roadster. at Brooklands 2013 New Years Day meeting. by Robert Knight -

The Chrysler Series 65 was a car of the middle class, the Chrysler in Detroit manufactured it in the year 1929. It replaced the 62 series and introduced after the abolition of the four-cylinder models, the smallest model Chrysler represents.

The car had a side-valve 6-cylinder engine with 3205 cc, which delivered 65 bhp (48 kW). A single dry clutch and a three-speed transmission with floor shift, driving the rear wheels and was able to reach 70mph. As standard all four wheels had hydraulic brakes.

Six different body's were available that corresponded essentially to those of the previous model. The cooler version was kept narrow. It was the first time Schlüsselanlassung was offered (instead of the usual starter switch).