The Chrysler B-70 was an American car, the first car that the company Chrysler introduced in January 1924. The making of the car took place in Detriot.

The car replaced the models of Maxwell-Chalmers, the company, for the Walter P. Chrysler had previously worked. The car had a side-valve 6-cylinder engine with 3294 cc, an output of 68 bhp gave (50 kW). A single dry clutch and a three-speed transmission with floor shift, the rear wheels are driven. All four wheels had hydraulic brakes. Already in the first year of production, nine different bodies (of Fisher Body Co. ) were offered. The open car had initially horizontally split windshields. The car with the high-performance engines reached a top speed 70-75 mph (112-120 km / h), only about 5 mph less than the Packard Single Eight . with his 8-cylinder engine Ralph DePalma won with a car of this type, the mountain race Mt Wilson. The following year the cars were further built almost unchanged, only the split windshield in the open models was replaced by a one-piece top-hinged version. From mid-1925 Chrysler introduced her own bodies. 1926 replaced the Model G-70 to B-70, of which two years were approximately 108,600 units were built.

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