The Chrysler Series CD was a car of the upper class made by Chrysler between 1931 and 1932. This production took place in Detroit U.S., like many other Chrysler models. It was the first eight-cylinder car made by the brand.

The car had a side-valve eight-cylinder engine with a capacity of 3938cc, which delivered 80bhp (59 kW). In January 1931, a second series replaced the first. These came with a bigger engines from the cars manufactured since July 1930. This engine had a displacement of 4274cc and produced ​​88bhp (65 kW). A single dry clutch and a four-speed transmission with floor shift were fitted with power being sent to the rear wheels.

As standard, all four wheels had hydraulic brakes. As well as the Imperial, the CD range was equipped with wire wheels. The bodies had a reclined grille in a V-shape and which inspired the Cord L-29.

A total of 14,355 cars were made.

In January 1932, the successor was the CP Series.