The Chrysler Series CI was a car of the middle class which was introduced in the year 1932. It was made in Detroit U.S.

It replaced the CM series and was introduced following the abolition of the smaller, cheaper Chrysler models.

The car had a side-valve six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 3670cc, which delivered 82bhp (60 kW).

A single dry clutch and a three-speed transmission with floor shift were fitted. Power was sent to the rear wheels. As standard, all four wheels had hydraulic brakes.

Eight different body styles were available that corresponded essentially to those of the previous model. The open car had a new two-piece windshield in a V-shape, while the closed versions retained the single-piece windshield of its predecessor.

Also a new feature was an engine mount with rubber bearings and upon request a semi-automatic transmission.

A total of 18,964 Series CI cars were made. In the year 1933, the CI series replaced with the revised CO Series.