The Chrysler Series CP was a top-class automobile manufactured from January-June 1932 in Detroit U.S. It replaced the first eight-cylinder cars of the brand.

The car had a side-valve eight-cylinder engine with a capacity of 4893cc, which delivered 100 bhp (74 kW). Like it's predecessor it had a single-plate dry clutch and four-speed transmission with floor shift. Power was sent to the rear wheels. Upon request, a semi-automatic (automatic, vacuum-operated clutch) was available.

As standard, all four wheels had hydraulic brakes. Like the Imperial the open car and the hatchback were LeBaron bodied and equipped with spoke wheels. It was the first car to have an all-steel body (including a four-door convertible) on a sedan base.

A total of cars 5,113 were made.

In July 1932, the successor appeared and it was the Royal.