Chrysler Dart

Chrysler Dart -

The Chrysler Dart was a concept car built by Ghia in 1956.

The Chrysler Dart concept is a vehicle that was constructed to defy the wind. It was very aerodynamic and finely tuned in one of Europe's largest wind tunnels. At the time of its construction, it was the most aerodynamic car in existence. It had less than one-third the air drag of any other passenger car on the road.

The design of the vehicle was handled by Virgil Exner's design studio at Chrysler.

The bumper was a wrap-around rubber mounted unit that provided protection while still preserving the vehicles design and aerodynamic principles. There was a sliding roof panel which could be removed and carefully concealed in a special compartment behind the rear seat. Part of the roof could also be retracted which would leave the rear seat mostly closed, but the front seat open.

It was built on a 1956 Chrysler Imperial chassis (modified) with a modified Chrysler Hemi 392 engine that produced 375 horsepower. The engine was fitted with 3 two-barrel carburettor. The car was fitted with push button transmission, 'star wars' dashboard and four bucket seats.

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