The Chrysler SV1 Valiant is an automobile which was produced in Australia from March 1962 to April 1963 by Chrysler Australia.


The SV1 Valiant (or "S Series" ) was introduced in March 1962, replacing the Chrysler RV1 Valiant (or "R Series") only ten weeks after the release of its predecessor. Like the RV1 it was essentially a US design, assembled in Australia. It was an evolution of the previous model, featuring a revised radiator grille treatment with the name "Valiant" at the top. The bootlid no longer included a non-functional spare wheel moulding and round tail-lights replaced the previous oblong units. Mechanical changes included larger brakes, increased fuel tank tank capacity and a corrosion resistant exhaust muffler. A steering-column mounted gearshift replaced the floor-mounted shifter, however cars fitted with the automatic transmission option retained push-putton controls.

Model range

The SV1 was offered only in 4 door sedan form. Like its predecessor, the SV1 was marketed as Valiant by Chrysler rather than as Chrysler Valiant.

 Engines and transmissions

The SV1 Valiant was offered only with a 225 cubic inch capacity inline six cylinder engine,with a choice of 3 speed manual transmission or 3 speed “TorqueFlite” automatic transmission.

 Production and replacement

Some 10,009 SV1 Valiants were built prior to its replacement by the Chrysler AP5 Valiant in May 1963.