Chrysler Thunderbolt

Chrysler Thunderbolt -

The Chrysler Thunderbolt is a concept car from 1941.

The Thunderbolt is revered to be one of the best designed concept cars ever manufactured. Only six examples were produced, all by American coachbuilder LeBaron Incorporated. It was created as a sports car and manufactured using an aluminum body. Many features of the car are believed to be ahead of their time, including the fenders; hydraulically operated windows, hidden headlamps, and door openings; and a push button radio. One of the more notable features is its fully retractable hardtop, which was operated from push buttons on the dashboard. When the hardtop was down, it disappeared completely into the trunk.

The Thunderbolt was built using a standard C-26 chassis with New Yorker running gear. It was equipped with 323.5 cubic inch straight eight engine of a C-27 Crown Imperial capable of delivering 143 bhp of output. Excluding the 1938 Buick Y-Job, the Chrysler Thunderbolt of 1941 is believed to be the first concept car ever shown to the public. All six cars were sold to individuals in 1941 and are still extant.