Chrysler Turbine Car

Chrysler Turbine Car -

The Chrysler Turbine Car is a concept car from 1964.

The car first appeared at the 1964 Chicago Auto Show. It was billed as the first car specifically created for the turbine engine. With body designed by Elwood Engel and his staff at Chrysler, Ghia of Italy hand-built 50 of the four-passenger prototypes.

A total of 200 motorists from 48 states had three months each to test drive and report their experiences. Power was supplied by a twin-regenerator gas turbine that created 130 horses. Needing one fifth of the moving parts, the turbine weighted 200 pounds less than a piston engine. It ran on just one spark plug, had no pistons, and operated equally well on diesel fuel, kerosene, unleaded gasoline or jet aircraft fuel.