Chrysler TurboFlite

Chrysler TurboFlite -

The Chrysler TurboFlite is a concept car from 1961.

The radical two-door coupe with a retractable flight cockpit-style roof canopy featured a prominent winged spoiler high over the rear deck. This design and aerodynamic feature would later be used successfully by the 1969-70 Dodge Charger Daytona and Plymouth Road Runner Superbird in NASCAR competition.

Released in 1961, and on display during the 1962 Chicago auto show, the TurboFlight concept was Virgil Exner’s last show car for Chrysler. As the name implies the car was powered by a third generation turbine engine. The entire canopy would lift up/down in sync with the doors opening/closing, and the headlights were retractable. A unique deceleration flap was mounted horizontally between the soaring tailfins.

This was another collaborate effort between Ghia of Italy and Chrysler’s engineers.