The Chrysler VC Valiant is an automobile that was produced in Australia by Chrysler Australia from 1966 to 1967. It was released in March 1966, replacing the AP6 Valiant.

Model range

The VC series Valiant was offered in 4-door sedan, 5-door station wagon and 2-door coupe utility models.

  • Valiant 225 sedan
  • Valiant 225 Safari wagon
  • Valiant Regal sedan
  • Valiant Regal Safari wagon
  • Valiant 273 V8 sedan
  • Valiant 273 V8 Safari wagon
  • Valiant Wayfarer utility

Dodge 106 heavy duty utility

A variant of the Valiant Wayfarer utility was marketed as the Dodge 106 heavy duty utility. The Dodge had a 1,500lb load capacity, as against the 1,200lb capacity of the Wayfarer, and was visually differentiated by less chrome and exterior decoration.


The VC Valiant was longer and lower than any previous Australian Valiant model, but was essentially a facelift of the superseded AP6 model. It featured a new grille, front bumper, bonnet and front mudguards. Sedans had new rear styling with vertical taillights, but wagons and utilities carried over the rear lights and panels from their AP6 predecessors. The VC range displayed a greater degree of differentiation between models with the Valiant, Regal and V8 each having unique exterior decoration and trim. Regal and V8 models had a chrome strip situated near the lower edge of the doors and V8 models featured a vinyl roof, bucket seats and a floor mounted gearselector with full length centre console. Front disc brakes were introduced as an option in November 1966.

Engines and transmissions

A 225 cu in (3.7 L) Straight-six engine was fitted to all models other than the 273 V8 sedan and wagon, which were powered by a 273 cu in (4.5 L) V8 engine. Base models were available with either three speed manual transmission or three speed automatic transmission, whilst Regals and 273 V8s were fitted with a three speed automatic as standard.

Production and replacement

A total of 65,634 VC Valiants were built prior to its replacement by the VE Valiant range in 1967.


Two VC Valiant V8 sedans contested the 1966 Gallaher 500 endurance race at Mount Panorama, Bathurst, finishing first and second in Class D.