The Chrysler VE Valiant is an automobile that was produced in Australia by Chrysler Australia from 1967 to 1969. It was released in October 1967, replacing the Chrysler VC Valiant.

Model range

The VE series Valiant was offered in 4-door sedan, 5-door station wagon and 2-door coupe utility models.

  • Valiant sedan
  • Valiant Safari wagon
  • Valiant Regal sedan
  • Valiant Regal Safari wagon
  • Valiant VIP sedan
  • Valiant VIP Safari wagon
  • Valiant utility
  • Valiant Wayfarer utility

VE series Valiant and Valiant Wayfarer utility models were introduced in May 1968.


The VE Valiant was larger than any previous Valiant model. Styling was based on that of the US Dodge Dart and Plymouth Valiant models with no body panels carried over from the VC Valiant. Also new in the VE range were dual-line brakes, double-sided safety wheel rims, front safety belts and power-assisted front disc brakes on V8 models. The Valiant VIP was offered for the first time,  the new model featuring the V8 engine, automatic transmission, power steering, front disc brakes and reclining front seats.

Engines and Transmissions

A 145 bhp 225 cu in (3.7 L) Straight-six, a 160 bhp 225 cu in (3.7 L) "High Performance" Straight-six and a 195 bhp 273 cu in (4.5 L) V8 engine were available, the VE being the first series to be offered with a choice of three engines. Three speed manual and three-speed "Torque-Flite" automatic transmissions were offered. The V8 engine and automatic transmission were standard on the VIP.


The VE Valiant was announced as the winner of the Wheels magazine Car of the Year award in January 1968.

Production and replacement

A total of 68,688 VE Valiants were built prior to its replacement by the VF Valiant range in March 1969.