The Citroën Axel was a supermini automobile produced between 1984 and 1990 and developed in co-operation by Citroën of France and Automobile Craiova, a joint venture company with the Romanian government.

The Axel was a rebadged version of the small Oltcit hatchback. Three specifications were available: Axel 11, Axel 11R and Axel 12 TRS. They were powered by the air-cooled engines from the Citroën GS/GSA.

It was derived from the Prototype Y of the early 1970s, which was intended to become the Citroën Visa until Peugeot took over Citroën (forming the PSA Group) and required the new model to be based on the Peugeot 104. At this point the Visa came to be based on the 104, whilst the later Oltcit was built based on the original Prototype Y plans. Thus the five-door Visa and the three-door Axel look very similar, but there is no part exchangeable between these two Citroën models.


  • Citroën Axel 11 R Enterprise(1129 cc)
  • Citroën Axel 11 R (1129 cc)
  • Citroën Axel 12 TRS (1299 cc)
  • Citroën Axel 12 TRS Enterprise(1299 cc)