Citroën Camargue

Citroën Camargue -

The Citroën Camargue was a concept car of a Citroën GS Coupé 2+2 which was designed by the Italian company Bertone. It was presented in 1972 at the Geneva Motor Show. Historically, this is the first collaboration between Bertone and Citroën.

The front end had a small radiator grill under the bumper bars, while the flanks were given the considerable sloping of the ample wraparound windscreen with heavily inclined pillars. The Camargue retained the Citroën GS saloon’s 4115 mm length, its width went from the original car’s 1608 to 1680 mm - also due to a 60 mm increase in the tracks - while the height was reduced by 200 mm from that of te standard production car to 1150 mm.

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