Citroën Zabrus

Citroën Zabrus -

The Citroën Zabrus was a concept car of a Coupé 2+2 which was designed by the Italian company Bertone.

It was based on the mechanics of the Citroën BX 4TC. It was presented in 1986 at the Turin Motor Show. The Citroën BX sedan itself was based on a Bertone design. Some unique features of the car were the all LCD monitor display for odometer,gauges etc.. and a "belt type" steering wheel that used to rotate in either direction while mounted on the main display.

The Zabrus was fitted with a 2141cc four-cylinder engine. The engine was fitted with a fuel injection system and a turbocharger, this helped it to produce 200bhp (150 kW). The Zabrus had a top speed of 137.5 mph (220 km/h).