Clyno 1228 (1924-28) Engine 1496cc S4 SV RK

Clyno 12/28 (1924-28) Engine 1496cc S4 SV, at the 2011 Prescot VSCC Hillclimb, Gothrington, by Robert Knight -

The Clyno 12 was introduced in 1923 and continued into 1927, the range went on to consist of the 12, 13, and 12/28 hp models, and had a 1496 cc 4-cylinder side-valve using Clyno's own engine fitted with a Clyno gearbox.

A slightly bigger model, the 13 (later 12/28), but still with the same 8 feet 9 inch wheelbase was introduced and between 1923 and 1924 sales increased further with the release of popular models such as the 'Weymann' saloon and the 'Royal 2' tourer

The car's offered a combination of low price and a good specification along with pleasant road manners and were renowned for their reliability and economy.

About 8000 are thought to have been made including some Sports versions and de luxe Royal models.

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