The Coloni FC-187 was a Formula One race car that competed during the 1987 Formula One season built by Enzo Coloni Racing Car Systems. Unfornuately, the car only entered three races and was the only team during that season to never finish a race.


Before the start of the season, It was announced that turbos were banned, making the sport more affordable. This was the essential reason that helped Coloni get in Formula One.

Since this was the team's first appearance in Formula One, not much was expected. The car was a simplistic machine, using the Ford-Cosworth DFZ engine, producing about 560-bhp (Brake Horsepower).

The car's first race was the 1987 Italian Grand Prix in September. The founder, Enzo Coloni had given the car a shake-down drive but the driver was Nicola Larini, who did not get to test drive the car. The car was obviously not ready for competition and Larini did not even qualify.

Nicola recorded the team's first race start at the next race, which was the Portuguese Grand Prix. The team experienced mechanical problems which forced them to retire from the race. Larini again retired at the Spanish Grand Prix. The team did not fly overseas for the finishing races, which meant It was the end of their season. They were the only team to not finish a race during the season, and so were ranked dead last (16th) in the Constructors' Championship. Fortuanetly, the team returned for competition for the 1988 season, with their FC188.